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Why Immigration to U.K.

Whatever your motivation is for coming to the United Kingdom, we have extensive experience in handling all aspects of immigration and nationality law for individuals. There are lots of reasons that make individuals immigrate to UK. Some of them being:

Employment/Self-Employment: The UK Home Office has recently announced the introduction of the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme. This is a points-based category that allows the successful applicant to take up employment or self-employment in the UK without the need for a work permit and without being restricted to working for a particular employer.

Citizenship: The UK is one of the more forward-looking countries in recognizing that an individual may both become a British Citizen as well as retain their previous citizenship.

Education: The UK is one of the leading centers for education provision in the world, and we have extensive experience of dealing with applications for students.

Investment: As one of the leading financial centers in the world, it is for obvious reasons that individual investors see London's financial institutions and businesses as the obvious choice in which to invest their funds.

Families: One of the biggest areas of migration is for reasons connected to family relationships.

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