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The Training and Work Experience scheme or TWES visa service allows an organization to bring in a non-EU citizen for the purposes of training towards a professional or specialist qualification, or practical work experience, on the basis that the candidate will return to the organization's office in their home country to utilize the experience gained while working in the UK.

A TWES permit will only be granted to a person who is engaged in a capacity additional to the normal staffing requirements of the employer. Once a TWES application is successfully processed, an applicant will need to apply for entry clearance to come to the United Kingdom.


This section explains what the au pairs scheme is and how you can apply to come to the United Kingdom to work as an au pair. The au pairs scheme is aimed to provide young people from certain countries with the opportunity to come to the United Kingdom for a short time to work for an English-speaking family. You will be expected to work up to five hours a day for your English-speaking family. They will provide you with your own room and a weekly allowance. The au pairs scheme is a short-term immigration category. When your visa expires you will be expected to return to your home country. Please note : The au pair scheme is due to be deleted later by autumn of 2008 when the new points-based system Youth Mobility Scheme of Tier 5 is phased in throughout U.K.













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