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SOLE REPRESENTATIVES of overseas firms

This section explains how you can come to the United Kingdom as a sole representative of an overseas firm without a work permit. In most cases you will need a work permit and this section explains how you can apply for one if you need to. You are not allowed to switch into this category from another.

You can come to the UK to act as a sole representative if you are not a European Economic Area national. A sole representative is someone who will establish a wholly owned subsidiary or register a branch in the UK for an overseas parent company. The firm must have no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the UK. If the firm has a legal entity in the UK but this does not employ staff or transact business then they could have a sole representative in the UK.

Contact Us to Know

  1. if you are eligible; and
  2. how to apply; and
  3. if you can extend your stay under this category; and
  4. if you can use a representative when making your application; and
  5. if your dependants can come to the United Kingdom; and
  6. how much it will cost; and
  7. if you can appeal.











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