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POST STUDY WORKER scheme. Tier 1

The Study Worker-category is meant to retain the brightest foreign students who have studied in the UK (under current rules or the Tier 4 system, once implemented). It is part of Tier 1 because successful applicants will be able to find work after graduation without having a sponsor.

However, it is only designed to be a bridge to highly skilled or skilled work, much like the current International Graduates Scheme it will replace. Those with student visas in the UK under Post-Study Work are expected to switch into another part of the points system (whether Tier 1 or another Tier) as soon as they are able to do so.

To encourage individuals to switch over, leave will only be granted under Post-Study Work for a maximum of 2 years and is non-renewable. Time spent in the UK under Post-Study Work will not count towards permanent residence. Students must apply for the Post-Study Work sub-category within 12 months of receiving their qualification.

The Post-Study Work sub-category replaces the International Graduates Scheme and the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme. It is good for a non-renewable two-year period after which you are expected to transfer to another immigration category. Time spent under the Post-Study Work sub-category does not count towards permanent residence. Please note that details of this scheme may change before it is implemented, so please check back periodically.

English Language Ability

The English language requirement is waived for Post-Study Work applicants because it is assumed English language proficiency was required to obtain the eligible qualification.

Maintenance criteria required as in Tier 1 General









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