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Applying under this category allows a wealthy individual to come U.K. as a passive portfolio investor.

This UK immigration service is one of several business visa applications through which immigration to the UK for business purposes may be achieved, however, like the sole representative visa and the entrepreneur visa for those wishing to live and work in the UK, applications this visas carry their own specific requirements, which must be satisfied.

  1. You must be in possession of at least 1 million to invest in the United Kingdom. At least 750,000 of this must be invested in Unit Trusts and/or private companies. The money may not be invested in off shore companies, property investment companies, or in banks or building societies, however, the remaining 250,000 (or more) may be invested as you see fit.
  2. You may not seek employment or undertake work in Britain other than managing your investments.
  3. You must consider the United Kingdom to be your main home and accordingly spend at least 50% of your time in the country.
  4. Documentary evidence of the funds at your disposal and your planned investments will need to be provided.


Retired Persons

You may be able to apply to come to live in the United Kingdom if you are what is known as a retired person of independent means. This means you are financially independent and do not need or intend to support yourself or add to your income by working, and do not need to depend on anyone else to support you.

To be able to apply, you must:

Be at least 60 years old; have a minimum disposable income of 25,000 a year under your control in the United Kingdom and be willing and able to maintain yourself and any dependants indefinitely in the United Kingdom entirely from your own resources and without working or any help from public funds. To obtain it, you should apply to the British diplomatic post in the country where you live. If you currently live in the United Kingdom with permission to stay here under another category, you may be able to switch to the retired persons category if you meet the requirements given above. You may only do this if you already have permission to stay as:

  1. a work permit holder;
  2. a highly skilled migrant;
  3. a person intending to establish themselves or remain in business; or
  4. an innovator.


The investors category has now closed to new applicants. If you wish to come to the United Kingdom to work or invest, or you are already here in another immigration category and wish to extend your stay, you now need to apply under PBS Tier 1.The information is relevant to you if you are already in the United Kingdom under the investors category and now wish to apply to live here permanently.

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