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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is the Application Procedure for a student visa to U.K.?

The basic steps for applying are: - Choosing your required programme identifying universities Completing and sending application forms along with required documents Applying for VISA after obtaining unconditional offer from the universities

Q.2. What are the Visa Application Requirements?

Student visas can be obtained from the offices of the British High Commission in Delhi and the British Deputy High Commissions in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Students need to prove that they have an unconditional offer on a full time course, proof of accommodation, sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of studying and living in Britain and that they intend to return home on completion of their course.

Q3.I have a background in Transport Engineering. Are there any opportunities for me to improve my career prospects in the UK?

The Civil Engineering Sector in the UK has been suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. Details of the various occupations in short supply appear on the list maintained by the Work Permits (UK), and you should check this list on their web site, as changes are notified frequently.

Q.4 What are the advantages to study in UK?

Requires only 15 years of education for direct entry into postgraduate programme. International students studying at UK institutions are not required to obtain permission from the job centre to take spare time and vacation work. One centralized application form for six undergraduate courses and generally no application fee for postgraduate courses. In UK, most undergraduate degrees take only 3 years while postgraduate degrees take one year; you spend less time away from home and less money on course fees. Educational institutions are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that courses offered are of high quality. Qualifications from the UK are some of the most recognized and respected worldwide.

Q5 I am a British Citizen and I have been working overseas for several years. Last year I got married, and now we want to come back to Britain to live as a family. What do we need to do?

Before traveling you should get the appropriate visa, known as an entry clearance, under the immigration rules for spouses. There is a formal procedure for this, which is carried out at your nearest British Consulate. We would not recommend under any circumstances traveling back to the UK without such prior entry clearance, since this will almost certainly cause you difficulties with the immigration authorities here.

Q.6.Can I stay in UK to work after I have finished studying?

It may be possible for you to stay on in the UK for practical training or work experience. Under the 'Training and Work Experience Scheme', employers can apply for permits to employ a person in a particular post. It may also be possible to stay on in the UK under the 'Innovators Scheme'. Some changes have been introduced that have made it easier for students to stay on in the UK to work. Subject to meeting the relevant criteria, students who have successfully completed a recognized degree course may be able to switch to work permit employment in the UK after completing their studies.

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