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An entertainer is someone who wishes to come to the United Kingdom to perform as an amateur or professional.

Although it is not mandatory, you should obtain entry clearance to enter the United Kingdom in most cases if you are a non-European Economic Area (EEA) national.

To come to the United Kingdom under the entertainer's category to perform without a work permit you should:

  1. Have a genuine invitation to perform at one or more specific events.
  2. Pose no threat to the domestic labor force.
  3. Not use your engagement to establish yourself in the United Kingdom. and
  4. Not intend to stay in the United Kingdom for more than six months.


To qualify you must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Professional entertainer coming to take part in a music competition
  2. Sikh religious entertainer.
  3. Amateur entertainer seeking entry as an individual performer.
  4. Amateur entertainer seeking entry as part of a group, such as a choir or youth orchestra coming for a specific engagement.
  5. Professional entertainer taking part in a charity concert or show where the organizers are not making a profit and no fee is to be paid to the entertainer.
  6. Amateur or professional entertainer taking part in a cultural event sponsored by a government, a recognized international organization or a specific major art festival.


In some cases, however, you can enter the United Kingdom as a business visitor rather than an entertainer, because business visitors do not need work permits. Entry as a business visitor would allow you to:

  1. Negotiate contracts or discuss sponsorship.
  2. Perform at auditions only and you are not being paid to do so. and
  3. Make personal appearances and promotions such as television chat shows or interviews providing you are not going to perform.


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