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APPEALS U.K. Immigration

We specialize in appeals and have over ten years experience. We regularly represent clients during their appeals before the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. The firm prides itself on its stellar record with a success record of almost 100%. Be assured that we are backed by a team of very proficient, competent and experienced law professionals. In the event of your visa being refused or not being granted due to any reason, do not despair, as we shall successfully appeal on your behalf in the U.K.

Visitor Visa / Business Visa


We, at Angel World also provide a vital insight into the prerequisites for acquiring of visitor or business visa. We assist you in acquiring visitor or business visas depending on the kind and nature of your visit A UK visit visa allows a person to travel and stay in the UK for up to six months. It also covers people coming to the UK for business trips or medical treatment and those passing through the UK. A Business visitor visa is often the best temporary immigration route for business people who wish to attend the UK for short trips. As long as they are not entering into any type of work and will only be attending meetings, conferences or auditing work they are allowed to stay for up to six months. A business visitor visa can be granted for a single entry or for multiple entries with a validity of two, five or ten years. This way a person does not require constant renewals every time they wish to travel to the UK on business. Artists who are not performing can also use this visa to enter the UK if they wish to attend interviews or promote a piece of work such as a movie or a book without needing to apply for any further permits to work.

Domestic Workers UK

This section explains how you can apply to come to the United Kingdom to work as a domestic worker in a private household. The domestic worker category allows overseas employers to bring their domestic workers with them when he/she visits or moves to the United Kingdom. To qualify as a domestic worker you must be an established member of the employer's staff. You will only be given permission to stay in the United Kingdom for a fixed period of time, at the end of this period you will need to either return home or apply to extend your stay. The domestic workers category can be a short or long-term immigration category. We will extend your visa if you are still employed as a domestic worker when your old visa expires. You will be allowed to change employers while you are in the United Kingdom, however, you must still be employed as a domestic worker. If you change employers you must notify us, you will not be allowed to change into a different type of employment. Once you have been in the United Kingdom for five years as a domestic worker you are entitled to apply for indefinite leave to remain/permanent stay.


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